Jason “J-Mac” McElwain

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Jason McElwain, nicknamed “J-Mac” (born October 1, 1988), is an American with autism who made national news in 2006 when he played for four minutes during a high school basketball game and scored twenty points.


Jason "J-Mac" McElwain

McElwain was diagnosed with autism at a young age.  He didn’t begin talking until he was 5 and still lacks social skills; however, he has learned to cope well in his teens, said his special-education teacher, Diane Maddock.  McElwain had a passion for basketball, so Greece Athena High School basketball coach Jim Johnson appointed him manager (a.k.a. “motivational water boy”) of the team.

On February 15, 2006, Greece Athena was playing Spencerport High School for a division title.  Jim Johnson decided to add McElwain to the roster, so J-Mac could be given a jersey and sit on the bench for the team’s last home game of the season.  Greece Athena got a large lead, so Johnson decided to let McElwain play in the last four minutes.  It was his first and only appearance for the Athena varsity team in this Rochester suburb.  After initially missing two shots, the 5-foot-6 McElwain made six three-point shots and one two-pointer.  The final score was Greece Athena 79, Spencerport 43.  As soon as the final buzzer rang, the stands erupted and stormed the court in celebration.  J-Mac was carried off the court on his teammates’ shoulders.


“It was like a big old bucket and I was just hitting them like they were free throws,” McElwain said.  “I just felt relaxed.”

The coach couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“He’s been my right-hand man, he’s there every day and just getting him the opportunity to suit up was emotional enough for me,” he said.  “For him to come in and seize the moment like he did was certainly more than I ever expected.  I was an emotional wreck.”


McElwain met President George W. Bush on March 14, 2006, when Bush stopped by a nearby airport, so he could meet McElwain.  Standing next to McElwain, Bush went on to praise him, saying “Our country was captivated by an amazing story on the basketball court.  It’s the story of a young man who found his touch on the basketball court, which, in turn, touched the hearts of citizens all around the country.”  Bush also claimed that upon seeing McElwain on television, he “wept, just like a lot of other people did.”  Bad-asses make presidents weep. Quarterback Peyton Manning visited and invited McElwain to the Colts’ training camp for a week.  He accepted.

J-Mac Bobble-head

J-Mac Bobble-head

McElwain threw out the opening pitch for the Rochester Red Wings’ game against the Charlotte Knights.  The Red Wings also gave away 3,500 free bobble-head dolls that were modeled after McElwain.

McElwain even won an ESPY Award for the Best Moment in Sports in 2006.  To win that award, McElwain beat out Kobe Bryant’s 81-point-game and the George Mason Patriots’ run to the Final Four.  Who does that? A bad-ass mo-fo. The speech that Jason gave upon winning the award was about dreams coming true.  In addition to the many celebrities McElwain met, he also appeared on various talk shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show (what the hell is up with bad-asses ending up on Oprah?), Larry King Live (an oxymoron), Good Morning America, and Today.


In 2007, Topps trading cards produced a Jason McElwain card as part of its retro-themed Allen & Ginter set.  In 2009, he appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Gatorade as part of their “What is G?” ad campaign.

Following his rise to fame, Jason McElwain wrote a book titled The Game of My Life (2/5/2008).  The 256 pages long book is written mainly by Jason, but includes sections written by his family, coach, and teammates.  Editorial reviews were left by celebrities such as Magic Johnson and Doug Flutie.

Because he played in just one regular-season game, McElwain was ineligible for sectional play.  But he’s not bothered.  “I just want to win as a team, not individually,” he said.  What’s more, he prides himself on having a lot of friends.

“I’m not really that different,” he said.  “I don’t really care about this autistic situation, really.  It’s just the way I am.  The advice I’d give to autistic people is just keep working, just keep dreaming, you’ll get your chance and you’ll do it.”

J-Mac with young autistic boy

J-Mac with young autistic boy

In April 2006, it was announced that Columbia Pictures had bought the rights to produce a film about McElwain.  He also travels across the United States to help raise funds for autism, because he is a bad-ass savant.

Here is a video with J-Mac’s bad-ass performance: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-818944862742874918

Here are the source links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_McElwain and here: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?id=2348397


Vesna Vulović

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Vesna Vulovic

Vesna Vulović (born 3 January 1950) is a former Serbian flight attendant.  She holds the world record, according to the Guinness Book of Records, for surviving the highest fall without a parachute: 10,160 meters (33,333 feet).

The fall occurred on January 26, 1972, over Srbská Kamenice in Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), after JAT Flight 367, on which Vulović was a flight attendant, broke apart.  The official report stated that there had been an explosion in the front baggage compartment of the plane.  The Czechoslovak secret service, which was leading the investigation, presented parts of an alarm clock ten days after the crash which they claimed came from a bomb.

The report concluded that the plane was torn apart by that bomb.  On the morning of 27 January 1972 an anonymous man called the newspaper Kvällsposten published in Malmö, Sweden claiming in bad Swedish that he was a Croat and member of a Nationalist group that brought the bomb onto the plane.  Apart from this no further evidence was ever found that this was a terrorist attack.  According to the official report the explosion tore the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 to pieces in mid-air, and Vesna was the only survivor. She survived because she had been in the rear part of the plane; however, Vulović states that she was found in the middle section right above the wings.

Vesna looking cutesy

That tallies with what was said by Bruno Henke, the man who saved Vesna’s life by rescuing her from the wrecked fuselage on the ground.  The 22-year old was not scheduled to be on that flight; she had been mixed up with another female flight attendant who was also named Vesna.

Vulović continued working for JAT at a desk job following her full recovery from injuries which included a fractured skull, two broken legs and three broken vertebrae that left her temporarily paralyzed from the waist down.  She regained the use of her legs after surgery and continued to fly sporadically.  She claims she has no fear of flying, which she attributes to the loss of memory of the crash, and she even enjoys watching movies with plane crashes.  Why?  Because she is a bad-ass.

After the fall

She is considered a national heroine throughout the former Yugoslavia.  Vulović was awarded the Guinness Record title by Paul McCartney at a ceremony.  Vulović was eventually fired in 1990 for expressing views critical of Yugoslav ruler Slobodan Milošević, who is a douche-bag.  Bad-asses hate douche-bags.  She participated in protests against his rule afterward, up to and including the Bulldozer Revolution that led to his ousting.  Many believe that her status as a national heroine prevented the authorities from arresting her despite her open defiance of the Milošević regime.

She continues to be vocal in politics in Serbia, and is a supporter of current President Boris Tadić.  Her story draws attention to this day.

Vesna today (circa 2008)

Vesna today (circa 2008)

Czech Civilian Aviation Authority issued a statement that the cause of the Yugoslav plane crash was an evergreen tree and speculations on it appear in the media from time to time.  Politics have a way of making people spew bullsh!t.  Vesna Vulovic called the conspiracy theory ridiculous, denying the claim that the plane attempted forced landing and descended to such low altitude, which she called a complete sensationalist nonsense.

Here is the source link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesna_Vulovi%C4%87

Hannah Snell

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Born in Worcester, England, Hannah Snell married James Summs in 1744. When she became pregnant, Summs left, and after the death of their daughter, Susannah, who lived only a year, she decided to find her husband. Chicks can be badass mo-fos, too.

Hannah Snell decided to track down her missing husband by traveling in male attire borrowed from her brother-in-law, James Gray, whose name she assumed. “He” quickly found herself pressed into General Guise’s Regiment. She fought with the Duke of Northumberland’s army against Bonnie Prince Charlie. She deserted after a sergeant sentenced her to 500 lashes. F@ck that. That $hit hurts.

Hannah Snell then enlisted in the Royal Marines at Portsmouth, still hoping to find her missing husband.  For over two years Hannah Snell had concealed her true sex while serving in a regiment. She shipped out to the East Indies on the Swallow through great storms. She fought in the siege of Araapong and in the campaign to capture Pondicherry, and later in the battle in Devicotta. She was whupping ass in mud-filled trenches.  By her own account, she was wounded a number of times, avoiding exposure by removing a bullet from her own groin with the help of an Indian nurse.


Battle of Pondicherry

When the ship returned to Lisbon, Hannah Snell had news of her missing husband: he’d been executed for murder in Genoa.

After her unit returned to England in 1750, Hannah Snell told her fellow soldiers about her disguise, and returned to wearing female attire.

After that revelation, Hannah followed her mates’ advice and approached the Duke of Cumberland on June 16, 1750 while he was reviewing troops in St. James’s Park. Surprised by the curious figure standing before him, the Duke accepted a petition from Hannah, which detailed her many adventures. Afterward, Hannah Snell published her life story, written by Robert Walker, in The Female Soldier, or the Surprising Adventures of Hannah Snell. She appeared on stage in London in military uniform and her story became known through the country.  She normally would do military drills and sing patriotic songs.  She received an honorable discharge, her service was recognized officially, and she was granted a lifetime military pension.

“Why gentlemen, James Gray will cast off his skin like a snake and become a new creature. In a word, gentlemen, I am as much a woman as my mother ever was, and my real name is Hannah Snell.” –The Female Soldier, 1750.


Hannah Snell briefly opened a pub, perhaps named The Female Warrior though sources differ. Pregnant, she married carpenter Samuel Eyles in 1759 and had two children, and after she was again widowed, she married Richard Habgood in 1772. In 1785 she was living with her son, an attorney in London. She passed in 1791.

Here are the source links about her here: http://womenshistory.about.com/od/militarygeneral/p/hannah_snell.htm and here: http://www.users.bigpond.com/ShipStreetPress/Snell/

Kyle Maynard

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Kyle Maynard was born with a rare disorder called congenital amputation.  Kyle was born with no legs, only two small feet turned at weird angles where the tops of the femurs are supposed to be.  That can be a pretty severe handicap, but try wrestling with no legs … and no fingers, no hands and no elbows!  He was born with stubs for arms that stop a few inches above where his elbows should be.  “We didn’t think he’d ever be able to live on his own,” remembers Anita, Kyle’s mother.

Kyle’s dad made a pivotal decision that would ultimately bless his son in ways he could not have known. The Maynards would raise Kyle with a lot of love—but no special treatment. They let little Kyle figure out how to get around on his own, how to use a spoon and how to overcome the hundreds of obstacles he faced—all by himself. Kyle rose to every challenge, and never felt the need to use prosthetics. “It was a decision I made early on,” he says. … [The prosthetics] slowed me down. Why be disabled when I could get up and run around the house without them?”


Like many other boys, Kyle dreamed of playing football. “I thought they would put him as water boy,” Anita says. But Kyle was no water boy. Amazingly, he played down in the trenches with the other guys. His small size, however, put him at a disadvantage. Kyle set his eyes on another sport—wrestling.  Again Kyle was at a disadvantage. He went a year and a half without a win. “He lost and he lost,” says Scott, Kyle’s father, “I started to think this wasn’t such a good idea.” But Kyle stuck it out. Badasses do not give up.

He has no elbows and no knees, yet he competed in the 2004 Georgia High School Wrestling Championships. He graduated from Collins Hill High School with a wrestling record of 35 wins, 16 losses and a 3.7 GPA.  “He was for real,” said Cliff Ramos, Maynard’s coach at Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, Ga. “Nobody took him lightly. And if they did, they regretted it.” He used his head and face like a battering ram and his arms like little clubs.  The opponents who felt sorry for him usually ended up bleeding and watching the referee raise Kyle’s arm after the match.


He is the recipient of a 2004 ESPN Espy Award for the Best Athlete With A Disability and has been featured on many radio interviews, talk shows, and television programs. He has modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch. Currently he works as a speaker for the Washington Speaker’s Bureau, specializing in motivational speeches. He is also the author of the memoir No Excuses: The True Story of a Congenital Amputee Who Became a Champion in Wrestling and in Life.

No excuses to me,” Kyle says, “is just an attitude. It’s an attitude that says I can accomplish anything. No matter what it takes, I’m going to go out there and achieve my dreams. If I made an excuse early on in my life, I would have given up a lot of things. But I’m here with you today because I made no excuses.”

“I think God made me the way I am because now I have the opportunity to go out and speak and write this book. I have the opportunity to reach other people and tell them that anything’s possible as long as you carry this attitude with you.”

“He uses an electric razor to shave,” his mother Anita says, “an electric toothbrush to brush his teeth. He can put on his socks. The typewriting is what amazes me—he types 50 words a minute!”


Kyle lifting 360 pounds ...like a badass

Kyle Maynard is attending the University of Georgia and continues to wrestle. Also, Kyle has recently began training in Mixed Martial Art.  Maynard has competed in wrestling and Brazilian jujitsu and is making an effort to compete in mixed martial arts. The Georgia State Athletic Commission has denied him permission and he’s looking elsewhere to follow his dream of competing in MMA.  There is an upcoming documentary on his story entitled A Fighting Chance.

You can watch Kyle Maynard wrestle here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdlajKhoj9k

Here are the source links about him are here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyle_Maynard and here: http://www.nordinho.net/vbull/book-reviews/22852-no-excuses-true-story-congenital-amputee-who-became-champion-wrestling.html and here: http://www.nhsca.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=169%3Awrestling-with-no-arms-or-legs&catid=38%3Aathletes&Itemid=101

Rudy Garcia-Tolson

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Rudy has turned one of the most brutal disadvantages in life—rare, multiple birth defects—into personal and athletic gold, banking inborn talent with powerful drive.  Born with leg-twisting Pterygium Syndrome, a clubfoot, a cleft lip and palate, and webbed fingers on both hands, he endured 15 surgeries before the age of 5. When six-months in a cage-like steel brace with pins in his bones failed to straighten one of his legs, his parents gave him a choice—continue with attempts to straighten his legs, or remove them both.  The 5-year-old Garcia-Tolson, a born athlete who was raring for a life of freedom and play, chose a bilateral amputation.  That’s right, at 5 years of age, he told them to “Cut them off.”

Within a few months, he was doing everything any exceptionally active five-year-old would do, and more.  With his prostheses, he climbed walls, trees, and rocks, went up and down stairs, and broke his new legs and feet so many times that his prosthetists started repairing them with bungee cords.


The loss of his legs marked the beginning of his life.  When Rudy was eight years old, he told the world he would swim in the 2004 Paralympic Games.  Probably a lot of people thought he couldn’t do it; however, being a true bad-ass, he was true to his word and brought home the Gold in the 200 Meter IM, while shattering the world record for his class.

By age 15, Rudy had 5 American swimming records, four national track records, completed six triathlons, carried an Olympic torch, and named one of People Magazine’s 20 teens that will change the world. Oh, and he’s buddies with movie star Robin Williams and has appeared on Oprah.  He freaking survived Oprah!

What Rudy does is spend six or seven hours a day in athletic training, routinely break world records in swimming, compete in triathlons, and tour the country as a motivational speaker to spread his message that “A Brave Heart is a Powerful Weapon.”  He’s also racked up a number of accolades including the Arete Courage in Sports Award, the Casey Martin Award from Nike, and the Spirit of da Vinci Award.


“Having no legs is really a gift,” says Rudy Garcia-Tolson. “If I wasn’t an amputee, I probably wouldn’t have the same drive to do what I do.”  A typical humble response from someone pumping ass-kicking blood through their veins.

So, if you’re missing a pinkie or some sh!t like that and you’re whining about it, then you are definitely not a bad-ass like Rudy Garcia-Tolson.  Think about him next time you walk out to get the mail.

Here are the source links about him here: http://www.oandp.com/articles/2008-11_19.asp and here: http://www.ossur.com/?PageID=3366#profile

Lawrence Richard Walters

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The Legend of Inspiration I

Larry Walters really, really wanted to fly.  Larry had first thought of using weather balloons to fly at age 13, after seeing them hanging from the ceiling of a military surplus store.  He tried joining the Air Force, but was unable to become a pilot in the United States Air Force because of his poor eyesight.  Being no wuss, he became an Army veteran who served in Vietnam.  After he was discharged from the military, he sat in his backyard watching jets fly overhead.  At that time, he was employed as a truck driver in Southern California.  Like most blue-collar workers with crappy vision, dreams like flying never come to fruition; however, Larry wasn’t going for that sh!t. On July 2, 1982, he fastened 42 surplus balloons …to a lawn chair.  He launched his homemade aircraft, dubbed Inspiration I, from his girlfriend’s San Pedro home. Larry was an aviator-on-a-budget badass.

He hatched his weather balloon scheme while sitting outside in his “extremely comfortable” Sears lawn chair.  He carried various supplies with him (sandwiches, some Miller Lite, and a camera). This also included a CB radio and a pellet gun to shoot balloons one at a time to descend.  Strapped with a parachute, Larry mounted his gas-enhanced throne.  His intention was to attach a few helium-filled weather balloons to his lawn chair, cut the anchor, and then float above his backyard at a height of about 30 feet (9.1 m) for several hours.  Badasses prefer to drink their beer at high altitudes.

Larry with “Aviators” and mustache

Larry with “Aviators” and mustache

He didn’t realize how powerful the buoyancy of the balloons was.  When his friends cut the cord that tied his lawn chair to his Jeep (badasses drive Jeeps), he did not float lazily up to 30 feet.  Instead, he streaked into the L.A. sky as if shot from a cannon on freaking steroids.  He shot upward so quickly that his Aviator sunglasses flew to the ground.  How badass was Larry? He didn’t hover at 30 feet.  Heck no.  He didn’t hover at 200 feet.  That’s pussy stuff.  He didn’t hover at 500 feet.  F@ck that.  He floated around the L.A. basin for several hours and reached altitudes of up to 16,000 feet …in a lawn chair …with beer.


“What the hell …are you staring at my awesome Aviators & sweet mustache?”

According to an article in the New York Times the next day, Walters was spotted by pilots from both TWA and Delta Airlines.  It was damn cold at 16,000 feet and he started shooting some of his balloons to descend, but dropped his pellet gun and had to wait for his rig to come down on its own.  Of course he landed like a badass – in a residential neighborhood in Long Beach and getting tangled in some power lines – causing a power blackout for over 20 minutes.  Screw your cable: Larry’s landed, bitch!  He was immediately arrested by the man for being the man.  Rumors say it’s because his mustache was more awesome than the L.A.P.D.’s.  As he was led away in handcuffs, a reporter dispatched to cover the daring rescue asked him why he had done it. Larry replied nonchalantly, “A man can’t just sit around.”

The stunt earned Walters fine from the F.A.A., the top prize from the Bonehead (more like “Badass”) Club of Dallas, the altitude record for gas-filled clustered balloons (which could not be officially recorded because he was unlicensed and unsanctioned) and international admiration.  He appeared on “The Tonight Show” and was flown to New York to be on “Late Night with David Letterman,” which he later described as “the most fun I’ve ever had.”  He even was a motivational speaker for folks less badass.

Larry’s route whilst riding Inspiration I

Larry’s route whilst riding Inspiration I

He gave his “aircraft” — the aluminum lawn chair — to an admiring boy named Jerry after he landed, later regretting it.  Not for selfish reasons, but because the g@ddamn Smithsonian wanted it.  When has the Smithsonian wanted any of your outdoor furniture?  Twenty years later, Jerry, now an adult, emailed a web site dedicated to Larry (www.markbarry.com) about the chair.  It was still sitting in his garage, attached to some of the original tethers and water jugs used as ballast.  Larry Walters said, “It was something I had to do.  I had this dream for twenty years, and if I hadn’t done it, I think I would have ended up in the funny farm.  I didn’t think that by fulfilling my goal in life — my dream — that I would create such a stir and make people laugh.”  Larry grabbed life by the nut-sack …and punched it!

Here is Larry in a 1992 Timex Ad for “Adventurous Individuals”

Here is Larry in a 1992 Timex Ad for “Adventurous Individuals”

R.I.P. Larry “My mustache is still awesome” Walters.


Here are the source links about Larry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Walters and here: http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/l/lawnchairlarry.htm and here: http://www.darwinawards.com/stupid/stupid1998-11.html

Marvin John Heemeyer

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The Legend of Killdozer


Komatsu D355A bulldozer armored with layers of steel & concrete

52 year old welder Marvin Heemeyer lived in Granby, Colorado fixing vehicle mufflers.  His small repair shop was located near a concrete factory called Mountain Park.  To Marvin and his neighbors’ horrors, the owners of Mountain Park decided to expand the factory, forcing the people living near-by to sell their land to Mountain Park.

Sooner or later the factory’s neighbors gave up, except for Marvin.  Marvin wasn’t a pussy. Having tried every way possible, the owners of the factory failed to acquire his land.  However, all the surrounding land was now owned by the factory, which resulted in Marvin’s shop getting cut off from the rest of the world.

The zoning board of Granby, Colorado allowed the construction of a concrete plant near him, cutting off the road to his muffler shop, spewing concrete dust all over the shop, and cutting off its water and sewage lines. Marvin purchased a Komatsu D335-A bulldozer in an auction in California, and had it shipped to Granby, where he planned to use it to bulldoze a new road to his muffler shop. The city unfairly denied his petition to bulldoze a new road, his petition to extend a sewage line across eight feet of the concrete plant’s property, and fined him $2,500 for not being connected to the city sewage line from which it had just cut him off.



Marvin tried everything in his powers to restore justice.  Obviously, the city council and other politicians of the state were on the factory owners’ evil capitalist side.  It’s not surprising that Marvin lost the case to the owners, in court. After that, Marvin was also given a $2,500 fine for not having a connected sewer line.  When paying the fine, Marvin attached a note to the check and ticket that read “Cowards.”

While Marvin lost his legal battles, the Komatsu stood outside his shop with a “for sale” sign as camouflage. Suddenly, Heemeyer and the Komatsu disappeared almost overnight. Many Granby residents assumed that Marvin had left town. Instead, he was living in leased garage space with the Komatsu.

He was just one of those who would not give up.  On the 4th of June, 2004, during a rainy day, Marvin rolled out into town on a bulldozer reinforced with metal sheets & concrete that would bitch-slap the world: Killdozer.


Killdozer Smash!

He started with the concrete factory, destroying building after building, until the factory was demolished.  Take that, assholes.  Then it was the city council’s turn, followed by the town hall, then the bank, the public library, the fire station, a warehouse, the local paper, and other buildings belonging to the mayor.

Having tried to stop Heemeyer, the police finally understood that Marvin’s bulldozer was a malevolent force straight from the bowels of hell and nothing was going to put the kibosh on its journey.  More than 200 bullets were fired at the vehicle, causing no harm at all.  The police force then decided to battle the titan with hand grenades.  Once again their efforts were useless.  Later a vehicle rigged with explosives was put in Marvin’s path to destruction; it also had little luck in stopping him.


Marvin returned fire using two semi-automatic .23 caliber rifles and a single .50 caliber semi-automatic rifle through specially designed holes in the vehicle’s front, left and right sides.  Attempts to mount the bulldozer were hampered due to oil that Heemeyer had spread on the vehicle to hinder such an attack.  All the police were able to do, was evacuate 1,500 inhabitants (the town’s population was 2,200) and block all the roads, including a federal highway that lead to the town.

Marvin’s war ended at 4:23 PM.  Having just finished destroying the Gambles Mall, the bulldozer suddenly stopped.  The only thing that could be heard coming from Marvin’s death machine was smoke out of a damaged radiator.


At first, the police officers were too afraid to approach the thing.  Trying to get Marvin out of his fortress, they had to make a hole in the armor.  When they finally got through, Marvin was already dead.  He wasn’t going to get into the enemy’s hands alive.

Despite the great damage to property (13 buildings were destroyed, most requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to be replaced), no one besides Heemeyer was injured.  Observers noted that Heemeyer appeared to go out of his way to avoid injury to bystanders. The total damages were estimated at over $7 million.  The bulldozer also knocked out natural gas service to City Hall and the cement plant, and damaged a truck and part of a utility service center.


Killdozer Trash!

The governor said that the city looked as if a tornado had just gone through.  Later an investigation was carried out.  It was discovered that Marvin’s creation was so strong that even a powerful artillery blow would only cause minor damage.  The bulldozer was totally covered in sheet metal, with each piece being at least half an inch thick.  In places, the vehicle’s armor was over one foot thick, consisting of concrete sandwiched between sheets of steel to make ad hoc, composite armor.


To fit the bulldozer with this shell, Marvin had to use a self-made crane. “Lowering the protective armor onto the vehicle, Marvin knew he wouldn’t be able to get out” said police officials. Marvin packed the interior with supplies such as water, food, ammo and a gas mask. To control the Killdozer, Marvin used 3 monitors and a couple of video cameras that were protected on the outside by 3-inch shields of bullet-resistant plastic. In an event of the cameras being blinded by dust, they were fitted with air compressors.

It took Marvin 2 months to design the Killdozer, and according to sources, 1.5 years to build it. “He was a fine lad” said the people that were close to Marvin. “They shouldn’t have made him angry.  If he was your friend, he was your best friend. And if he was your enemy, well …he was your worst and most dangerous enemy.”  You don’t f@ck with bad-asses.


Marvin John Heemeyer (October 28, 1951 – June 4, 2004): Bulldozing Badass

Here is some live footage of Marv in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZbG9i1oGPA


Here are the source links about him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_Heemeyer and here: http://googlebordello.crushhumanity.org/bordellomap/killdozer.html and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDkFyGccJCg and here: http://www.sodahead.com/question/48516/were-marvins-actions-justified/